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What is Immigration DNA Testing?


During an immigration process, a DNA test may be requested if proper documentation is missing or is insufficient to support the case. It is required to use an AABB accredited lab to prove a biological relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary. Examples of DNA tests commonly used are paternity, maternity, and siblingship.

In order to perform a DNA Immigration test, the following are required by the petitioner:

  • Photo identification (Passport preferred); If passport is not available, passport photo is required;
  • Documentation requesting the test. Petitioner’s and beneficiary’s name must be on the document;
  • Immigration contact form (provided by the lab).

After completing the collection for the petitioner in the US, a kit is sent out to the embassy or USCIS in the beneficiary’s home country, so that their DNA sample can be collected for testing.


At ARCpoint Labs of Southboro-Framingham, we send all of our samples to an AABB accredited lab for testing. Call us today at (508)834-3760 to see how we can help you with your immigration process!

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