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Is Your Company DOT Compliant for Post-Accidents?

DOT truck

If your employee is involved in an accident, the last thing you need to worry about is compliance.

Part 382.202 from the 49CFR Part 40 handbook states that all CDL drivers must be tested for drugs and alcohol in the following situations:

  1. Loss of a human life is involved;
  2. A citation is issued for the following reasons:
    1. If any person receives immediate medical treatment away from the scene;
    2. If one or more vehicles are damaged and needs to be towed away

Post-accident alcohol testing requirements:

  1. Must be done within 2-8 hours.
    1. If the test is not done within 2 hours, the supervisor needs to document the reason.
    2. If the test is not done within 8 hours, a valid explanation needs to be provided and documented. Beyond 8 hours, the results are not valid.

Post-accident drug testing requirements:

  1. Urine specimen must be collected within 32 hours.
    1. If the specimen is not collected within the time frame, a valid explanation needs to be documented.

*All statements and results must be kept on file and available upon request.

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