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Exhibit at the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts (LPDAM)

2Many of our services of Drug, Alcohol and DNA testing are used by the judicial segment. We provide specialized panels for drug testing, several modes of testing and court-admissible DNA testing services, only to name a few – that are very important to Family Lawyers, Courts and Private Investigators.

ARCpoint Labs of Southboro-Framingham and ARCpoint Labs of Woburn exhibited at the Licensed Private Detectives Association of MA last week. There were a lot of questions about panels, cut-off levels and other technical issues that the judicial segment comes across all the time. Some of the services we offer the Judicial segment are:

  • Instant Drug Screening (Urine, Saliva and Sweat)
  • Lab-Based Drug Testing
  • Sweat Patch Test
  • Hair and Nail Drug Tests (for longer Window of Detection)
  • Child Guard 5, 7 and 10 Panel Hair Test (Environmental Exposure Test)
  • Date Rape Drug
  • Unknown Substance Test
  • Unknown Poison Test
  • Drug Residue Testing
  • DNA Testing Services

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