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Driver’s Safety and D.O.T Physical

All commercial drivers of vehicles in interstate commerce with a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of over 10,000 pounds are required to obtain and maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

To obtain a Medical Examiner’s certificate, the driver needs to have a D.O.T Physical performed by a FMCSA Nationally Registered Medical Examiner. The medical examiner will determine if the driver is medically qualified to drive and/or to perform safety sensitive tasks.

A D.O.T Physical is a screening type exam that rule out conditions that could be hazardous while driving. The exam consists of all the major body systems such as vision, hearing, cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopedic, etc. A urinalysis is also required. The test looks for indications of underlying medical conditions.

Some qualification standards are:

  1. Distant visual acuity of at least 20/40 in each eye without corrective lenses, or visual acuity separately corrected to 20/40 or better with corrective lenses;
  2. Distant binocular acuity of at least 20/40 in both eyes with or without corrective lenses;
  3. Field of vision of at least 70o in the horizontal meridian in each eye;
  4. The ability to recognize the colors of traffic signals and devices showing standard red, green, and yellow;
  5. Able to perceive a forced whispered voice from at least 5ft away with- or without- a hearing aid.

The whole exam takes about 30 minutes. If anything comes up as disqualifying, our FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner will work with the patient to get them referred to a physician that can help them with their underlying condition.

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