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DOT Medical Guidelines for Diabetes Controlled by Insulin


Insulin is used to treat high blood sugar in diabetes. Hypoglycemia, or diabetic shock, is a serious health risk for anyone with diabetes. Also called insulin reaction, as a consequence of too much insulin, it can occur anytime there is an imbalance between the insulin in your system. It can even happen while you are doing all you think you can do to manage your diabetes.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has determined that a driver who is insulin dependent does not meet the minimum physical requirements for a DOT Medical Card.

There are only two exceptions:

  • The driver has proof of being grandfathered status from the FMCSA.
    • Proof of grandfathering is the original letter from 1996 granting the right to continue to drive as long as the driver can meet physical qualification requirements.
  • The driver may apply for a Federal Diabetes Exemption.

An exemption is a “temporary regulatory relief” from one or more FMCSA regulations given to a person who is subject to the regulations. Exemptions are good for up to 2 years, and may be renewed. This exemption can only be issued by the FMCSA.

The Medical examiner cannot determine if the driver qualifies for the diabetes exemption.

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