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Which Records Need to be Retained from a DOT Physical?


There are several documents that may be generated about a driver’s medical qualification. Each document has its own retention requirements.

  1. Medical Examination Report: This form is completed by the driver and the medical examiner during the exam. It includes a health history and results of the exam. This report must be retained in the medical examiner’s office for at least 3 years. Due to HIPAA, the form may not be released to employers without consent of the driver.
  2. Medical Examiner’s Certificate: This is a certificate completed by the medical examiner if the driver is medically qualified to drive. This certificate expires at midnight on the expiration date shown on the certificate. The original certificate is given to the driver and is kept until the expiration date. Motor Carrier must retain a copy for 3 years unless required to use MVR instead. The medical examiner must retain a copy for at least 3 years, and must be able to provide a copy to the employer upon request.
  3. CMV Driver Medical Examination Results Form: This is an electronic form that medical examiners use to report exam results to the FMCSA. It is submitted via the examiner’s personal National Registry web account.
  4. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR): The driving records of interstate CDL/CLP drivers must contain the driver’s current medical certification status. The motor carrier must obtain the MVR and verify the driver’s status before he/she drives. A new MVR must be obtained each time the driver obtains a new medical card.
  5. Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate: This certificate is issued to the drivers who have impaired or missing limbs and who have been granted a waiver. Original is retained by the driver until it expires. Copy retained by employing motor carrier for 3 years from issuance date.
  6. Medical Waiver, variance, or exemption: This is documentation that a driver has received a waiver, variance, or exemption from one or more medical qualification rules. These may be issued by the FMCSA or by a state enforcement agency. This is to be retained by the driver until it expires. Copy must be retained by employer for 3 years from issuance date. State retention requirements may vary.
  7. Verification of National Registry Listing: The motor carrier must verify and document that the driver’s medical examiner was listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners at the time of the exam. This note must be retained in the driver qualification file for 3 years.

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