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Is it Time to Have a Workplace Drug Testing Program for Your Company?

An employee with a substance abuse disorder or an alcohol problem can cost your company dearly. Once hired, the employee can cause loss in productivity, increased accidents, low morale and lack of discipline in the workplace. It can cause great harm to customers, other employees and to the public in general (especially if the employee is driving or operating heavy equipment as part of their jobs).

Today it is critical for companies to have a good Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy, supported by an effective Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing program. An employee with substance abuse problem:

                                                  –  Is 33% less productive  
                                                  –  Costs the company double in healthcare costs
                                                  –  5 times more likely to file for worker’s compensation
                                                  –  Is absent 5 or more days a month

Statistics have also shown these employees tend to look for employment in companies that do not have a Workplace Drug Free Policy or Program in place.


The above Quest Diagnostics graph clearly shows that when an employer does not have a Workplace drug testing program, the self-reported marijuana use is several times higher than for employers with an effective program in place.

So, along with Pre-employment background screening, a well thought out drug testing program will help you hire and keep the right people.

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